Casa La Abuela Iberian field bait ham 100g + Iberian field bait loin 100g + Chorizo Vela Ibérico 300g + Salchichón Vela Ibérico 300g + Iberian Ham Cream Cream Cream 140g

Casa La Abuela

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  • Jamón ibérich field bait: 1 envelope of 100 g.

    redientes: jamón ibébait rich 50% breed ibérich, salt and preservatives E-252 and E-250.

  • Lomo ibérich field bait: 1 envelope of 100 g.

    Inredientes: pork loin ibérich field bait, salt, pimentón de la Vera, natural spices, lactose, azúcar, preservatives E252-E250 and antioxidant E 301.

  • 1 chorizo candle ibérich. 300 g approximately.

    Inredientes: lean pork ibérich, salt, pimentón de la Vera, natural spices, lactose, milk and soy proteí dextrin, stabilizer E-450II antioxidant E-300 and conservative E-252.

  • 1 salchichón candle ibérich. 300 g approximately.

    redients: lean pork ibérich, salt, lactose, dextrin, spices, dextrose, stabilizers E-450I, E-451I antioxidant E-316, conservative E-252 and color E-120.

  • 1 Paté jamón ibérico cream. Can 140 g.

    redientes: milk, sunflower oil, jamón ibérich 12% (jamón pork ibérich, azúcar, preservatives: nitre sódico, nitrate potásico), lean pork, water, starchón, soy proteína, dextrose, lactose, salt, white pepper, stabilizers (diphosphates, triphosphates, polyphosphates, carragenate), aroma, antioxidants (sodium citrates, eritorbate sódico, ascorbate sódico), flavor enhancer: monessódico glutamate, yeast extract, dye: carmín.

The main characteristic of our jamí #243;n ibérich country bait is its rich flavor, its graining and aroma, more #225;s soft than that of acorn.

Our iberian loinérich in field bait with an intense flavor and smoky nuances is a great alternative to the acorn back. It is a magnífica option #243 for snacks or dinners as it has many nutritional properties flavored to people.

Our iberianérico and salchichón ibérico chorizo velitas are ideal to taste the different flavors and characteristics ísticas únicas of the extremeño.

Paté of the brand Iberitos made with jamón ibérico.

In CASA LA ABUELA we raise our livestock from birth to the production of #243 sausage. It feeds on acorns of extremadurade pastureña during the mountaineering and raíces, herbs and natural pastures phase.

  • All of our pigs have the breed certificate and #243 feed;n.

  • Sin gluten.

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