Correos Market

Payment methods and prices

  1. The prices of the products will be displayedán with VAT included. Prior to the beginning of the order purchase procedure, it is indicatedá the final price of the entire order, including taxes, increases or discounts that are applicable to #243;n in your offer and any additional expenses that may be passed on to />
    The shipping costs #237;or are free for the Customer in any of his orders, so this concept is not #225;n, being its amount when purchasing products zero euros.

    The #243;n the order is carried out by completing the purchase form #243, implies compliance with the offered price and the conditions of sale in force at this particular time. Once the order has been completed, it is understoodá perfected the full purchase, with all legal warranties, #237;as that protect the acquiring consumer, and from that moment the prices and conditions will haveán carácter contractual, and #225 may not be modified without the express agreement of both contractors.

  2. Customers purchaseán The Products on the Platform by paying with débito or crédito or PayPal.

  3. Téngase note that delays in the payment and transaction process may sometimes occur; which may result in delays of up to sixty (60) días hábiles in the collection to your bank account or in the charge on your crédito or débito card. The charge that the Customer seesá on the statement of his card appearsá in the name of Correos.

  4. The customer mayá request an invoice from Correos, in addition to #225;s directly to the Seller, make áenging it through #233 to where Correos processá such request to the Seller for the purpose of procuring the emisión of such invoice by the Seller.
  5. In the event of non #243-execution of the Order by seller because the contracted Product is not available, the Customer mustá be informed of this unavailability and dutyá to be able to recover without undue delay the sums paid under it. The amount to be recovered will beá the amount of the product that is not #233; available on the Platform. In the event that the Customer place an order múltiple (several products) will be returned to himá úonly the amount of the product out of stock.

  6. Debasman to the usual bank #225, once you have placed an order by crédito or débito and the payment has been authorized, the card issuing entity owned by the Customer retendrá the total amount of the Order. If the Order is subsequently rejected by Seller or cancelled for any other reasonón, the card issuer does not makeá the transfer for payment of the Order, and instead releaseá the corresponding amount back into the cardholder's account. This can last between 3 and 5 días hábiles (or más, depending on your card issuer). The Customer agrees that neither Correos nor the corresponding Seller is responsible for a possible delay by the card issuer owned by the Customer in releasing the amount of his account.