Correos Market


The shipping #237;or orders will be placedá in Premium mode (with the Paq Premium Postal service). The customer can choose whether to receive it at home, at a Post Office or in a CityPaq. Certain products may have characteristicsísthes that make it not possible to deliver them in all modalities; in that case, #225 is specified; on the product sheet itself.

The #237 service will be providedá throughout the national territory, from Monday to Friday, excluding #237 national holidays.

The most #225;ximos deadlines for the first attempt to deliver or #243 make available the recipient at the Post Office for a #237;or #225;ndar are between 24 and 48 working hours, secún point of destination.

A the effects of the cómputo of the delivery time, no #225;#225;bados.

In the method of home delivery, the #237[you #225;n delivered in the address of #243 the Recipient provided by the customer, but not necessarily to the recipient designated personally. The customer is á responsible for the data provided of the recipients, confirming their veracity and authenticity.

In cases where due to the weight, volume of the package or #237 characteristics of the property where the delivery is to be made, ésta could not be made, it will be madeá to street door or at the Office that Correos has at destination, upon agreement with the Recipient.

Correos reserves the right to modify the agreed schedules for deliveries or pickups, in #243 functioning of its own organizational needs.

The delivery will be madeá in the address #243;n indicated, under signature:

  • If delivery is requested at Domicilio: #225; in the address of the customer #243, prior notice vía SMS and / or email. This service carries two attempts at delivery, and if it cannot be delivered, stayá at the Post Office at your disposal at your disposalón for 15 días natural.
  • If Office Delivery is requested: Delivery á at the Postal Office designated by the customer. In this case, the customer will be notified of his #225/her arrival at the Office by SMS and/or email. The package remainsá at the Post Office at your disposalón for 15 días natural.
  • The obligation to #243 communicate #243 by SMS and/or email that Correos assumes, it takes #225; for the purposes of 9:00 a.m. and 21:00 monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 14:00 sábados.
  • The customer expressly acknowledges that the #237;or by SMS And/or email mail within the agreed parámeters (time and días), it does not guarantee that such communications will be received by the recipients within the indicated parámeters, so in no case #250;in case may be #225 charged to Correos the possible non-#243;
  • The customer expressly states, and guarantees to Correos, that the data of the númere of móvil and / or the e-mailónico has been provided to him by the recipient, and that he has his inequaívoco consent to use such data for SMS communications and /or email giving about the arrival of his eníor.
  • También expressly states and guarantees the customer, that the recipient knows and assumes the possibility that the communication #243;n by SMS and / or email may reach him outside the hours and días agreed, for reasons outside of Post Office. The customer exemptá To Correos from any liability arising directly or indirectly from the time when the receipt #243;n occurs by the recipient of the SMS and / or email that Correos sendsíe in compliance with the obligations assumed with the client for this purpose.
  • The customer has á #243 information on the status of their #237 #233;#237 via Online Post Office (en), #243 automá#225;exchange information and its partner in the Commercial Services. Also#233;n may be #225 able to consult on #233;fono 902 197 197. Such information #243;n consistingá in the detail of the date and time of the #237;or: admitted, attempted delivery, delivered and returned, indicating where appropriate, the causes of returnón or non-delivery and the measures taken. Information on delivery #243 will be provided#225; to the day #237 after the event for main destinations and, with an additional #237 time for #237 shipping to localities with less than 10,000 inhabitants,