Correos Market


The Products areán presented and #243 made available to the Customer on the Platform with a #243;n description that informs the Customer of the essential #237 characteristics of the product and its price. Both the description #243;n and the price are ñelados beán established by the Sellers under their úonly responsibility.

  1. The products you wish to purchase dutyán be selected and añadded to the shopping cart, by clicking on the corresponding icon.
  2. In the shopping cart you canán añadd units of artíass or selected artíasses.
  3. Once the products to be purchased have been decided, the customer will move oná the next step to purchase them, either as an unregistered Customer or as a registered Customer (see point 1.2).
  4. Previate upon the #243 inclusion of your personal data, there is #225; to have youído and accepted the cláusula relating to carácter personal data and the conditions of sale by marking youón a box established for this purpose.
  5. A #243;n, #225 the personal data to be incorporated #225 into our database will be requested in order to process the order and facilitate the delivery of the purchase. Personal data must be accurately indicated to avoid confusion or incidents in the #237;or the acquired itemsíass/s.
  6. Once completing the order form, dutyá check the box for accepting #243;n of conditions of sale and polí#243;n data protection ethics, and dutyá be confirmed the order by clicking "confirm and pay order".
  7. For payments by crédito or débito or paypal card, the charge will be madeá online, that is, in real time, #233 through the payment gateway of the corresponding financial institution, once it has been verified that the data communicated is correct. Transaction confirmed #243;n, á an e-mail message (#243 indicated above by the Customer) within 24 hours, where you will be informed of #225 the availability or otherwise of the requested Product(s) and confirm así the order placed, which will be #225; charged to the Customer according to the customer #250. If the order is confirmed, #225; informed in the email a description of the order #243;n and the order #250 item that guarantees that the purchase has been made correctly. The non-reception #243;n of this message may be due to #250 any transient problem of communications on the network or to any #250;n writing error in the address #243;n of e-mailóunique communication. In both cases, it is advisable that the customer contact
  8. In the event that the Customer is Registered, the order will be keptá stored in his Áprivate rea, in which he can #225 access with the Customer and contractsña provided in the registry. If the Customer is not registered, with the email indicated in the purchase of the product(s) will be sent to him/herá the númere order and follow-up of his/her #237;os to have them located.

CORREOS informá the Seller of the part of the order that is incumbent on him, since the Platform allows the purchase of products from several Sellers in the same order.

In the event of rejection of the order by the Seller, the Seller is the único responsible

The Seller undertakes that the stock of products made available #243 to the Customer on the Platform is #233; updated.

The Products purchased by the Customer areán issued by the Seller using the shipping label#237;or to processá through his á#233;rea de gestión private.

Customers may also #225&n place orders from different Sellers which will be groupedán into a única shopping basket receiving information #243 of the status of the different #237;