Sausages and hams House The Grandmother
"Embutidos y Jamones 'Casa la Abuela'"
Embutidos artesanos, tradicionales y caseros


Casa la Abuela is a small #241 family business extremeña. Our story beganó with my parents in the añ or 1965. They edd usñthey knew how to make sausages as they are made #237 as they are made as they are made;an here #237;, as they did #237;an grandmothers in a craft, traditional and homemade way, using natural ingredients such as: pimentón de la Vera, fresh garlic, olive oil, etc.

We are located in a natural enclave surrounded by extensive pastures and large olive groves where we raise our pigs ibérich in freedom.


Our project is to continue to make sausages more and #225 more and more artisans and naturals as they can.

Quisiéwe should sell all over Españwithout having to leave our people.


Our company is small and #241 and formed two people: my husband and I. Although sometimes sí we have to hire people,