Montiermo Organic Sheep Cured Cheese - 1300 g


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Montiermo is the name we give to our homemade artisan churra sheep cheese of ecológica, artisan and homemade origin; since we only transform our own production #243;n Nº health record: 15,03401 /SA ECOLÓGICO; because our #241;or 300 sheep of churra breed and facilities, are #225;n endorsed by the Ecológico Agriculture Council of Castile and León.

  • Ieso ecológico pure sheep Montiermo, matured #243 for more than four months. Made with raw sheep's milk from its own farm from producedón ecológica.

  • Composición: sheep's milk, rennet and salt. Does not contain additives.

  • Texture: medium to high firmness little crumbling, not gummy, un grainy. Creamy certain aspect of húmedo. To the little rough touch, something húmedo, little or nothing theástica.

  • Olor and aroma: medium intensity, a certain smell of sheep with a aroma of something áacid that evokes memories of its origin. In cured más, intensity is reinforced.

  • Sabor: something áacid, something salty, something spicy

  • Conditions of #243;n: keep in a dry and fresh place, so that it does not dry out and does not lose the buqué and flavor that characterizes it.

  • Diving/Consumption: two años from the date of packaging.

  • Instructions to the consumer: food ready for consumption. Canned temperature#243:n: 4-8 °C. Temper the cheese outside the fridgeífico for as long as necessary at a temperature close to 20 °C to which its flavor and aroma are shown in all its intensity.

  • Im approximate weight: 1300 g.

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