Miel de Melque Pollen

Miel de Melque

Miel de Melque

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-Color: secún your botánico, it can be variable, usually dominate yellows and oranges.
-Floral origin: it usually comes from the pringosa jar, león tooth and pollen of various wildflowers.
-Aroma: intense and earthy floral.
-Conditions of conservation #243;n: at room temperature instead of dry, fresh and away from heat sources. Avoid contact with sunlight directly.
-Consumption mode: directly or, dissolved in líwarm quids or fríos, for about 20 seconds for its dissolución. It can be used as an ingredient in the production #243;n of cooking dishes and all kinds of food dishes intended for the care of people and animals.
-Production area #243;n: central part of the Península Ibérich. Produced in España 
-Élittle productionón: spring/summer.
-Alergógenos: does not contain

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