Pack 3x1 Kg - Raw Honeys Mountain + Espliego + Orange blossom



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Pack of 3 boats of 1 Kg. Includes Montaña Honey, Espliego Honey and Azahar Honey.

  • Miel de Montaña ➜ Intense flavor - Rich in iron.

  • Go ➜ Soft and very aromatic #225 - Digestive properties.

  • Azahar Miel ➜ Soft and Floral - Relaxing Properties.

1 Kg glass shoes with lid with #241;o bee.

Pura honey 100% raw.

As honey is natural crystallizes at low temperatures. If you prefer an líquida consistency, you can heat the pot to the baño maría simmer so as not to exceed 40ºC.

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