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"Miel de cosecha propia"
Calidad y pureza envasada artesanalmente


There is #225;s of 100 years #241;os, my grandfather Vicente Barriel, commoutó the cría of the bees in Higueras, a #241 small town in the interior of Castellón, in the #243 heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán, where #237 he lived with his family.

Any was a élittle where the largestía of people were engaged in agriculture and livestock,#237;a, especially to the work of wood in the mountains of the Sierra de Espadán. At that time it did not possess #237;to many bees, since it was worked with cork vessels. In addition,#225;s, transhumance was practiced, but nevertheless sólo podían reach places that were 1 día distance away as máximo.

Debido to the Civil War they were forced to move towards the coast and during the post-war period settled in Nules, our home today. My father, Beloved Barriel, inheritedó my grandfather's craft and with great effort got ó keep the profession #243;n and move his family forward.

In those scrambled times, he took over more than #225 100 hives as we know them today, and continued to practice #243 transhumance in different parts of España, such as Guadalajara or Teruel.


Hoy in día, we follow the family #243;n. We take care of the #241;o the más of 400 hives that we own, hand-packing our own honey, jar by jar. We continue to practice transhumance looking for the best places and éfew of floración in the Península Ibérich. For this reason, we offer the highest quality and purity, in our own home and in the craft fairs throughout España.

A significant part of our work is dedicated to traveling throughout the geographyía españwave, to make ourselves known in the best medieval fairs. Offering our handmade products in a único.


The Dulcimelis team that carries out beekeeping and artisanal packaging is the Montilla-Barriel family.

Iren Ignatov Bozhanov


Todo correcto, muy rapido envio.

14 Aug, 2021


El producto corresponde perfectamente con la descripción y el proceso de compra es sencillo y rápido. El transporte un poco lento, teniendo en cuenta que la mayoría de tiendas on line realizan envíos en 24-72 horas

09 Apr, 2022

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