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Honey of Meque
"Del panal al Paladar"
Elaboración de Miel


We are a family business dedicated to the dissemination #243;n of beekeeping and obtaining #243 products from our own hives. We are located in the Montes de Toledo, in the Alcarria and in the North of Madrid, regions with a great history and tradición apícola where, for centuries, much appreciated honeys have been obtained and of extraordinary quality.

We bet on traditional #243 artisan elaboration, being of vital importance to us the knowledge of the product. We believe in our working methodología and are very proud of the results.

With all our illusión and work, we have created a space for any consumer to see how our honeys, pollen and the most important #225;s are made, as the bees live. We want to be transparent, as product knowledge is the key to giving it meaning and rated it. We strive to find #241;ar and promote beekeeping, explain the different benefits attributed to bees by saving our planet and performing the #243 action of pollination #243;n.

Among other activities, we hold workshops on Environmental Educationón, visits to the colmenar (Apiturism), beekeeping workshops, Honey Tasting and demás products of the hive... etc.

Our obsessionón and objective is clear: quality; to get the best honey, we need to take care in detail of the harvesting, #243 and packaging process. Therefore, our settlements and apiaries are #225;n located in protected natural areas, with idóneas conditions to obtain a 100% organicánico, natural and ecológico.

We package following rigorous sanitary controls without using high temperatures, nor pasteurización processes so as not to alter its excellent properties. The honey we make is a raw honey that goes directly “ from honeycomb to palate”.


The principles that drive our company are as follows:

- Promote actions related to beekeeping, conservation #243;n and nature improvement, the fight against climate change #225;tico, así as with the sustainability of development by the vía of the environment.

- Enhance sustainable development through #233 the promoón of actions and good practices #225 in our hives. We respect the biológicos cycles of activity-rest bees, without forcing them with permanent transhumances.

- We perform authorized ecológicos, taking care of our environment in this way.

- Our #225 hives are located in wild areas such as natural parks and mountain areasña, without the existence of agricultural crops #237;queues in the radius of actionón or bee tour.

- Our products are handmade; we do not paste honey and preserve it with all its properties; it is our raw honey.

- We offer transparency and commitment to our customers, offering 100% safe payment, effective delivery and cófashion, así as certified quality of all our products.


Nerea and Jorge, Professional Beekeepers.
Anna Trillo

"Se debería hacer un segundo intento de entrega, porqué he tenido que ir personalmente a correos."

El cartero hizo un intento de entrega, tocó el timbre y no me dió tiempo contestar al timbre. Tocó solo una vez y se fue, bajé al portal para ver si estaba pero ya se había ido. Inicialmente me llegó un SMS diciendo que se iba a hacer un segundo intento, pero luego me llegó un mail diciendo que tenía que ir a correos a recoger. De estos tiempos no es definitivamente lo mejor, tuve que hacer cola. Realmente se debería acotar más la HORA de la entrega o llamar antes el cliente, para que ni el cartero ni el cliente pierdan tiempo. sería suficiente con tener 2-4 horas de franja horaria, pero es imprescindible saberlo con antelación.

07 Nov, 2020
José Carlos Garrido García

"Estupenda compra"

El producto ha llegado en perfectas condiciones

29 Jan, 2021