Miel Cuarta Generación Orange Blossom Honey - 1 Kg Boat

Miel Cuarta Generación

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Miel monofloral, light color. It is obtained from the orange blossom, has a tendency to crystallize backébeing clearer toún. Sweet and mild taste,

  • Entre its properties highlights the relaxing and sedative effect, helps to reconcile the sueño. It is rich in minerals, such as potassium, selenium, boron, manganese, fósforo, zinc, etc. Mixed with limón juice helps irritate throat #243;n and cough. Also #233;n used to make infusions, cosmética products and perfumes.

  • This honey is #225; collected in the region of the Sierra de Aracena. It is a 100% natural honey, raw, unfiltered, or subjected to #250 any type of heating térmico.

  • Extraígive from our own hives and directly packaged for the consumer. Honey Fourth Generation #243;n is withoutóguaranteeía and quality.

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