Miel Cuarta Generación Retama Honey - 1 Kg Boat

Miel Cuarta Generación

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Miel monofloral, comes from the flower of the retama. Dark brownón colour and intense flavor, sweet with caramel balsaámico flavor. Very slow crystallization#243.

  • Combate urine #243 contention, #243;n obstruction of hígado. Great nutritional properties. It has dayéethical and laxative properties.

  • This honey is #225; collected in the Siberian Extremeña within the Biosphere Reserve. It is a 100% natural honey, raw, unfiltered, or subjected to #250 any type of heating térmico.

  • Extraígive from our own hives and directly packaged for the consumer. Honey Fourth Generation #243;n is withoutóguaranteeía and quality.

  • 1 1 kg


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