Miel Cuarta Generación Honey Flower Pack - Boat 1 Kg + Boat 500 g + Boat 250 g

Miel Cuarta Generación

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Multifloral miel, with varied colors and flavors. Very energética, helps fight tiredness

  • It is rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, It is considered multifloral because it does not refer to any floral species above the demás. contains azúnatural cares such as fructose, glucose and sucrose. Ideal for infections, flu and colds, it also #233;n fights anemia.

  • This honey is #225; collected in the Siberian Extremeña within the Biosphere Reserve. It is a 100% natural honey, raw, unfiltered, or subjected to #250 any type of heating térmico.

  • Extraígive from our own hives and directly packaged for the consumer. Honey Fourth Generation #243;n is withoutóguaranteeía and quality.

  • Suche with 1 bottle of 1 Kg, 1 500 g cana bottle and 1 250g bottle of flower honey.

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