LAPASIÓN Assorted buttered and powdered - Box 5 kg



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Surtid formed with powderón special cinnamon and limón, alfajor, cocoa butter and limó buttering;n. Colour and toasted texture.

  • Cocoa butter. Ingredients: TRIGO flour, az úcar, lard (antioxidant E-320), cocoa powder (4%), cinnamon and vanilla aroma. May contain traces of Peanuts, Fruits of cáscara and grains of sésamo.
  • Manteced limón. Nutritional #243 information: (mean values per 100 g.) energy valueético: 2126 kJ/507 Kcal; fats: 23.7 g. of which saturated: 9.2 g.; carbohydrates: 68.5 g. of which azúcares: 17.6 g.; proteínas: 4.7 g.; salt: 0.00 g.; lemon butteredón: wheat flour, azúcar, lard (antioxidant E-320), cinnamon and lemon aroma;#243
  • May contain traces of peanuts, cá fruits;scara and grains of sé samo.
  • Polvorón special. Nutritional information #243:n (average values per 100 g.) energy valueético: 2020kJ/483 Kcal; fats: 24.0 which saturated: 9.6 g; carbohydrates: 59.5 g. of which azúcares: 19.7 g.; proteínas: 5.9 g.; salt: 0.05g.; powder ón special: wheat flour, azúcar, lard (antioxidant E-320), cinnamon and lime aromaón. May contain traces of peanuts, cá fruits;scara, sé grains;samo.
  • Fajor. Nutritional information#243;n: (mean values per 100g) energy valueético: 2059 KJ/492 Kcal; fats: 23.6 g, of which saturated: 9.3 g.; carbohydrates: 64.8 g. of which azúcares: 26.7 g.; proteínas: 4.9 g.; salt: 0.25g.; alpha: azú, cacahuetes, wheat flour, lard (antioxidant E-320), cocoa powder, cinnamon, shredded coconut, sésamo, limó aroma; May contain traces of cáscara fruits and sulphites.
  • Tition buttering. Nutritional information#243;n: (average values per 100 g) energético value: 2223 kJ/513 kcal; fats: 30.6 g. of which saturated: 9.7 g.; carbohydrates: 54.3 g. of which azúcares: 30.9 g.; proteínas: 8.7 g.; salt 0.01 g.

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