Arroyabe Bonito del Norte Pack in olive oil - 3 x 400 g



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Bonito del Norte Pack in olive oil - 3 x 400 g

The northern bonito preserves Arroyabe está made by experienced hands that select the best of the fish. The nice northern lomos are cleaned and cut by hand, and then inserted one by one into glass jars, #233 also manually; offering an unbeatable look


Arroyabe sóit employs it beautiful from the north of the Cantábrico de la máxima quality and selected olive oil, always using raw materials of superior quality.

The northern beautiful is the best valued species in the tú family; nests, highlighting its white tone and exquisite taste. Its flesh is delicate and soft textured. Alsoén known “Thunnus Alalunga”, it is caught in the cantábrico sea by traditional fishing gear, to cañone by one.

redientes: Northern Nice (Thunnus Alalunga), olive oil and salt.

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