"Conservas artesanales del mar Cantábrico. Siempre a mano desde 1898"
Elaboración de conservas artesanales del Cantábrico


In the nineteenth century, through #233;s of what is knowníto as the  wine and fish route, the products of the plateau such as wine were exchanged, with the fresh fish of the Cantábrico.

Rufino Arroyabe, founder of the canning company ARROYABE, began ó with this thunder at the end of the 19th century. In this work I learnedó the #243 can #233ning techniques of fish, which I used #243 to found the fábrica of pickles and saltings in Bermeo.

Currently work in the cannery the 4ª and 5ª family #243;n generation.

The objective of our canning has always been the #243 elaboration of artisanal preserves, with raw materials from where we are, the Cantábrico Sea. Así it has been during the more #225 of 100 añwe take and for that purpose we continue



Our goal is to offer handcrafted preserves, handmade and with raw material of máxima quality. It is vital to us that our customers appreciate the value #241 of our preserves and the supreme quality of our preserves; facing a low price market and questionable quality.


Currently, approximately 40 people work in the #243;n manual preparation of fish canning. A also #225;s, the 4ª and 5ª Arroyabe family's #243;n generation is part of this team.

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