Arroyabe Eco Pack - 3 Jars of Northern Bonito in AOVE



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Pack ecológico - 3 jars of Bonito del Norte in extra virgin olive oil ecológico 212.

The Bonito del Norte Arroyabe in ecológico extra virgin olive oil está made with raw materials that care for the marine and terrestrial ecosystem.

This product carries the blue msc ecolabel, which certifies that the Bonito del Norte comes from sustainable fishing grounds. 100% of the beautiful used in this product comes from the artisanal inshore fleet of the cantábrico, which has the #243 MSC certificate. The Bonito del Norte is caught in the Gulf of Bizkaia using the traditional live bait fishing modality consisting of the use of caña and hook.

For the production #243;n of this product extra virgin olive oil has been used from the productionón ecológica certified, 100% free of pesticides and fertilizers químicos, respecting the fauna and flora. In addition#225;s, the process of manufacturing #243;n of the preserve has been supervised by ENEEK, the Basque Council for Agriculture and #243;n ecológica; so it includes the accreditation stamp.

redientes: Northern Bonito (Thunnus Alalunga) (66%), ecológico extra virgin olive oil (34%) and come out,

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