Arroyabe Tasting pack Bonito del Norte 6 jars - olive oil, pickled and natural



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Pack tastings tastes;#243;n Bonito del Norte in 6 jars - olive oil, pickle and natural.

This pack of northern bonito #243 canned tastings includes two jars of each of the selected más preserves:

  • Soly olive oil: the taste más típico. The sweetness of olive oil, combined with the taste and soft texture of the bonito, make this preserve the favorite among consumers.

  • Coked north sweet potato: discover the más auténtico flavor of preserves. Pickle (obtained from the mixture of vinegar and oil) is the técnica de conservación of túnests that has traditionally been used in the canning sector.

  • Neddnlyoth: preserved úonly in water, instead of the olive oil or pickle used in traditional preserves. Así heat intake is significantly reducedías, so it is recommended for people who follow low-fat diets or for athletes.

The northern bonito preserves in glass jars are made following handcrafted #233 techniques. To do this, the nice loms are cleaned and cut manually, and then inserted one by one inside the glass bottle.

Un bonitos in olive oil: Bonito del Norte (Thunnus Alalunga), olive oil and salt.

Undedy Northern Beach: Northern Nice (Thunnus Alalunga), wine vinegar, olive oil, spices and salt.

Syringes Bonito from north to natural: Nice north (Thunnus Alalunga), water and salt.

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