Arroyabe Gourmet pack ventresca de Bonito del Norte in olive oil - 3 cans



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Gourmet pack of Bonito del Norte ventresca in olive oil - 3 cans.

The ventresca is the soft and tender #225 part of the northern bonito. Located at the bottom of the fish, the ventresca stands out for its great taste and juiciness. A alsoás is beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels, as it has an Omega 3 content seven times higher than the back of the northern bonito.

Be the delicate #225 part of the bonito, the ventresca is manually cleaned and packed by expert hands, allowing you to offer fine Bonito belly fillets totally clean and whole.

The Bonito del Norte is the best valued species in the tú family; nests, standing out for its white tone, exquisite taste and soft texture. In Arroyabe we select Bonito del Norte of the best quality, caught in the sea cantábrico following méall traditional. This, together with quality olive oil, allows us to offer preserves of Ventresca de Bonito del Norte with great flavor and unbeatable texture.

redientes: Northern Nice (Thunnus Alalunga), olive oil and salt.

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