Quesos Torralba

Quesos Torralba

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The "Torralba Cheeses" are raw milk, made faithfully following the same traditional methods that we have been using for decades.

Son of square base, with rounded edges and edges, elaborated and matured exclusively in Menorca, according to tradition and regulations contained in the regulations of the D.O.P.

The unmatched taste of milk is the fruit of healthy cows raised in total freedom and fed only in selected meadows. Our cows, mostly of Frisian breed, are milked daily and milk is transported to special tanks,

The only substances added to milk are rennet, dairy ferments, and salt. That salt, is an all-natural preservative and is the essential ingredient that provides the cheese with its intense and authentic flavor.

The "fogasser", a piece of white cloth used to cover the curd, is tied with a rope and placed under a press. This process allows the residual liquid to detach and go outside,

The maturation process complies with strict health checks and is performed in specialized cavas where cheeses remain above the pipes for months. Each piece is joined with oil and red paprika to give the cheese skin the proper elasticity,

The artisanal method of making and maturing "Torralba Cheeses" is the one that ensures that each piece of cheese is unique and varys slightly in size and weight.

No two identical cheeses exist and this is the warranty certificate for our product.

In our warehouses we can find both semi-cured and cured cheeses, which are made with raw milk in order to maintain their original flavor, a fact that distinguishes them from other types of cheeses.

The Torralba Cheeses are entirely handmade and do not use molds in their elaboration, for that reason each of them can vary slightly in terms of size or weight.

Cuestionary on Allergens:

Allerial Contains it Re handled at the production plant Lo declares it in the Label Enter
crustaceans 't
Molds 't
away 't
cahuetes 't
Resized shell fruits 't
Soja 't
/Lactose if if if of Cow
it 't
stay 't
re attracted 't
Sulfur dioxide (>10ppm in finished product) 't

GMO Free Product Si
Food-friendly food if
Suitable food for Ovo Lacto Vegatarians if
Foodable food for Lactose Intolerant 't
Allimento suitable for Ovo Vegatarians 't
Soiling food suitable for Kosher diet 't
Vegan-friendly food 't
Foodable food for halal dierta 't
Alimento suitable for vegatarians 't
Contain alcohol (>0.5 % in finished product) 't

Nutritional Information:

Nutritional Information by 100 g. SEMI CURADO
KJ Energy 1433 KJ 1688 KJ
Kcal Energy 343 Kcal 404 Kcal
, 28 g 33.10 g
of which Saturated 20.23 g 21.42 g
fiber 0 0
proteins 22.09 g 25.99 g
Sal 3.08 g 3.25 g
Carbohydrates 0.6 g 0.50 g
of which sugars 0.6 g 0.50 g

  • raw cow's milk
  • Lactic Ferments
  • room
  • Sal
  • Conservative: E252.
  • Origen of MILK: Spain.
  • In bark (non-edible): olive oil, paprika.

Presentation: cheese comes wrapped in paraffin paper.

Packed in cardboard boxes of two large pieces or three mini.

1 to 4 Kilos (being a craftsman varies by piece).

Sabor and Aroma
Sabor soft, slightly salty and acidish, with certain reminiscences of milk or butter, changing as its maturation progresses to a more intense and complex flavor and aroma, with the spicy.

Form: Paralelepipedic of rounded edges and edges.

Alture: Between 6 and 9 cm.

Weight: 1 to 4 Kilos (being a craftsman varies by piece).

Corteza: Yellowish to orange white – brown.

Step: Its texture is firm and cut whole.  Ivory white to yellowish, evolves according to the maturation period,

Work of a more or less rounded shape, distributed irregularly and in a small number.

: fat content not less than 38 % on dry extract.

Conservation: They are cured and prayed in natural cavas, ventilated place, on wooden pipes at room temperature and humidity.

Once on the market it is recommended to store in refrigeration between + 3o C to + 8o C.

Graded of maturation: Semi-cured (60 to 150 days) and Cured (more than 150 days).

Useful life: 6 Months, according to wrapping label (lot/expiration label).

Curation: Cheese pieces are flipped periodically so that they do not adhere to the woods on the shelf and do not deform by their own weight, external treatment is applied every 10 days by joining the pieces with olive oil, mixed with sweet red paprika.      

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