Apigal Flavor Pack - 4 jars of honey x 400 g



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The Flavor Pack includes:

  • A miel monofloral eucalyptus 400 g.
    • It has an smell of eucalyptus, vegetables and some #160 floral nuances. Its taste is a little áacid but very soft to the palate. Its color is ámbar very light and pulling adored.

  • A caste monofloral miel boatño 400 g.
    • Casta honeyñor have a color ádark mbar in líquido state. With an intense aroma that is very reminiscent of the flower of the casteño and wood. Its flavor is strong as old wood, with a hint of forest, it is not as sweet as other honeys, with bitter and salty nuances, it is the perfect honey for those who do not want so much sweetness.

  • A bottle of a blossom monofloral bottle 400 g.
    • The color honey ámbar with orange and  shades
  • A flower bottle (multiflower) 400 g.

It is a handcrafted, non-pasteurized, handmade product, you can present variations in its color and flavor from one batch to another.

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