Apigal Flower Honey Pack - 6 jars of 1 kg



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Pack of six jars of honey of flowers of 1 kg each.

Honey Properties
  • view: its color can be ableá vary between ámbar and ádark mbar.
  • Aroma: have a floral or vegetable aroma of varying intensity and persistence.
  • Gusto: sweet taste although It may be slightly ácidas and astringentes.
  • Tact: Lívery viscous and dense chido of slow crystallizationón.
  • Territorio de recoleción: forests and #241;as of Galicia, (Northwest españa).
  • Producció: late summer-otoño.
  • Processed: raw honey, not exceeding 40º.
  • Conservacidón: store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
  • Caducicad: 2 años.
  • Presentación: 1 kg.
  • jars
  • Espectros polínicos: pollen mostly belong toá to:
    • Castanea sativa, Eucalyptus sp., Ericaceae, Rubus sp., Rosaceae, Cytisus sp-Ulex sp., Trifolium sp., Lotus sp., Campanula, Centaurea, Quercus sp., Echium sp., Taraxacum sp. and Brassica sp.

It is a handcrafted, non-pasteurized, handmade product, you can present variations in its color and flavor from one batch to another.

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