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"Disfruta de lo natural con Apigal"
Miel pura directa del apicultor


We started this project in año 2014, with very few means and a lot of imagination, #243 #243;n innovaci&n in the product and especially many #237; he wants to work under our ideas and way of understanding the world


The idea is to create a sustainable company, a company that also #225;s of being able to live off our work in rural, collaborateáwe are to improve the environment and help the planet and its biodiversity. ¿Whyé no? We wonder, ¿ is that you can't live off a job that in turn improves our planet?

this is Apigal,

We have concerns that lead us to #243 create our own brand of food and produce them ourselves was the amount of aw #241;you that are in día in the food #243;n, ¿whaté is what we eat sometimes? Well in Apigal we only serve good foods without any E 201, E135 etc, only what Mother Nature serves us, without additives or weird things, that sí, with muchíi labor and effort behindás. 


Our business is to produce, naturally transform and sell our product to the consumer, we close the entire chain to ensure the quality of the products that carry our firm, which is our guarantee #237 to offer our loyal customers.

In the process, we contribute our granite to improve the planet, pollinate native forests#243;ctonos, breed and care for  bee colonies that are slowly #225;n in slow developments in #243;n globally.


We are two people, Manola Brion and Juanjo Rodríguez.

Juanjo in charge of the production #243 in the field, care of the bee colonies and innovación in the product and Manola in charge of the packaging, (preparationón and packaging of the product) its distributionón and marketingón.

"Fiabilidad y confianzas"


04 Aug, 2019

¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario Yolanda! ¡Esperamos que repitas! Un saludo

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05 Jun, 2020
Tamara Suarez


Muy bien todo

17 Sep, 2020
Miquel Àngel Román Colom

"Muy detallistas, producto muy bueno :)"

Detallistas hasta al punto final. No podemos esperar a acabarnos-lo para probar otros tarros de miel :)

12 Nov, 2020
Antonio Vacas García


Perfectamente presentado y muy profesional.
Cariñosas la felicitación de Manuela, también os deseo Felices Fiestas

17 Dec, 2020
Beatriz Elvira Danza López

"Miel artesana"

Excelente el servicio, embalaje y la calidad del producto

31 Dec, 2020
Angel Orte Caballero
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23 Jan, 2022
23 Jan, 2022