3 wedges cured sheep cheese Encinasola 3x350gr Approx

Quesos Encinasola

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This batch contains 3 cuñas of cured sheep's cheese, each of the cuñas weighing approximately 350g. The total weight is 1.05 kg. Brand: Quesos Encinasola, Ganadería Propia in Castilla La Mancha. In Ganadería Encinasola we create cheeses úonly from the milk of our sheep obtaining a product único and in a sustainable way. We are in Castilla La Mancha, cradle of cheese and with a great traditionón livestock, specifically in the town of Porzuna (Ciudad Real) town that is #225; in the foothills of the National Park of Cabañeros and at the foot of the Montes de Toledo. Since the beginning of our activity we have prioritized the welfare of our animals, as well as as #237 well; as an adequate nutrition #243;n in each of the stages of crí a of our sheep, all this ensures that there is an excellent harmony í to our sheep with the environment that surrounds them. Finally, the values and professionalism of our ganadería translate into quality, which entails the creationón of a cheese único, Encinasola cheese.

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