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""En la diferencia está tu personalidad""
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I am Marta, passionate about craftsmanía and nature, yoga, reading, my cat Triskel and the simple things of life that transmit peace and harmony to meía.
Me crié in Madrid, in the neighborhood of Malasaña, where I grew upí being a soñadore hopelessly, nonconformist and optimistic.

I love to travel and meet other cultures, ahí my love of fashion étnica and vintage.

My university studies led me to work for many years #241;os in the financial departments of multinationals, in which I #233 frustrated. ; for not being able to unleash my creativity.

In 2008 I movedé my place of residence to Asturian lands where it changedé totally my way of life and my professedón.

After studying Diseño and Confección artisanal Bags , discoverí my pasión and in 2012 it beganó to be born, little by little, “My Baúl of Bags”.


¿Do you want to dress up with something único and customized to your liking?
Dímelo: when handmade all my pieces are únicas and customizable, to achieve those original and #241 timeless designs that you likeíto wear.

Because all people are different and in clothes is where we highlight our personality. I look for inspiration #243;n in colors, fabrics, textures, to make that bag or complement that you need come true and you don't just find it in a large storeén or conventional store.

If you want to give an original and colorful touch to your accessories, take a walk around my shop: for the #243 elaboration of my artíasses use fabrics, Pasamanería or imported keychains, which may be just what you are looking for.

Además, if you want your order to be directly shipped for gift, wrapped and packaged with great care, be á forwarded to the address #243 you request.


I am the única person who performs all the tasks in My Baúl Bags.
Anna Vicedo Vidal
25 Oct, 2020
Olga Dapena Madrid


Tardo un día,

10 Dec, 2021
María Flor Valladares González
12 Nov, 2022

¡Gracias por tu valoración María Flor. Para nosotros es una motivación extra recibir comentarios como el tuyo para seguir esforzándonos por ofrecer la mejor experiencia posible, ¡desde Correos Market te deseamos un buen día!

Correos Market 14 Nov, 2022

Muchas gracias por su opinión en la parte que nos toca. Encantados también de colaborar con Correos Market.