Nat Hey Sweet potato, khaki and dehydrated kiwi - 25g bag

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The natural 100 percent dehydrated sweet potato, khaki and kiwi mix is perfect for aperitif, salads or snacké mid-afternoon. It is an ideal food supplement for all públicos and an inexhaustible source of essential vitamins and nutrients. Sweet potato is a tubérculo highly appreciated for its sweet taste and nutritional value. Kiwi is one of the most healthy #225;s that exist. No additives or preservatives and no azúcares añadidos.


The único ingredient contained in our snacks is the same raw material. We dehydrate it without añadirle preservatives, azúcares, salt, or dyes, contains no #250 additives or flavor intensifiers. It is suitable for #237;acos and people with intolerance láctea.


We use seasonal raw material from local agriculture, know our suppliers and make sure that the raw material used does not suffer any #250;n type of alteración.

We use the aluminum container for individual bags as it allows us to preserve all nutritional properties and values. The product is á packaged in atmósfera protectora.

The container has a weight of 30 g, measures 18 cm high and 12 cm wide.

The sweet potato, khaki and kiwi mix combines crispy textures along with soft textures, sweet sweet potato and khaki flavor along with the nice áacid flavor of kiwi. ENERGÉTICO CONTENT: 497.9 Kcal- 2083 KJ.

Según the batch of the container, will be consumedá preferably before the indicated date.

We do not specify conservationón, we package in inert atmósfera to ensure its conservation #243;n.

Our product can be consumed anywhere and at any time, it is perfect for breakfast, in yogurts or cereals, for “picar” in a healthy way between hours, regain strength after #233;s of playing sports, lunch at work or snacking in the park.

It is ideal as an aperitif, side dish #243;n, starters, use in salads and canapés, they function as flavor enhancers in infusions, water, or cócteles.


All process takes place in our fábrica located in Relleu, Alicante. From the collection #243;n of the raw material, reception #243;n in the workman to the packaging/labeling and shipping #237;os.

We avoid inert times in production #243;n, so that the raw material does not lose its properties. The products with which we work are collected at the time óptimo and arrive at the workman in quantities that allow us to treat and start manufacturing #243;n at the time idóneo.

The dehydration times #243;n are approximately 13 hours.

Sumen from the main steps:

  • Recolecón of the raw material

  • Recepción, selectón and classifyón

  • Washing and disinfection #243;n

  • cut

  • Deshidratación

  • packed

The treatment of materials and our raw material is very simple, as explained in the previous steps: reception #243;n, washing, cutting and dehydration #243;n.

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