La Abeja Sayaguesa Honey of the Forest, boat of 250 gr

La Abeja Sayaguesa

La Abeja Sayaguesa

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It is honey that combines holm oak myeloate with the néctar of local flowers, such as song, thyme and blackberry.


It is #237 less sweet than other honeys because it is más rich in mineral salts that give a dark más color. Holm oak myeloates are the result of a lot of moisture in the soil, plants generate so much sap that it sprouts through different parts. It's very common to see in summer how acorns

  • Color: Ámbar very dark and álight mbar when crystallizing.

  • Aroma: Toasted.

  • Texture: Creamy.

  • Sabor: strong, uns sweet,

  • Using method #243;n: Used in food #243;n, in cosmética, wound and burn healing, among many other properties.

  • Élittle production: #243 August and September.

  • Production area: #243 of Sayago (Zamora).

  • Alérgenes: Does not contain.

  • Gluten: Does not contain.

  • Tratations: Handmade packaging in glass at room temperature.

  • Life útil: 2 años.

  • Weight: In 250 g. Pack of 4 boats.

Store in a cool, dry place.

For its purity with frío tends to solidify.

The crystallization is #243 natural process. It tends to a very slow #243 crystallization. If you prefer to liquidate, put the #241;o maría.

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