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The Sayaguesa Bee
"Sayago: Naturaleza, calidad y vida."
Elaboración de Mieles


Nacida in a family of farmers and ranchers in rural areas, but it wasn't until about años, when it woke upó really our interés for the world of beekeeping after having had a slight contact, in the años 90. 

This story beganó in early 2017, our interés for the apícola world took us to 10 #243 hives.

In 2018, taking a course to train me, I know #237; my partner ñero. Él offered me #243; its lands in the southwest of Zamora, between the río Tormes and the Arribes del Duero. That's when we made #243 decision to undertake this project,

A día today, we continue to work hand in hand in the same area, the Zamorana region of Sayago.


Our purpose is to offer a honey of excellent quality that maintains all its natural properties given in an environment of great biodiversity such as the region of Sayago. We want to continue to enjoy the nature of our #243;n and provide our grain of sand for the conservation #243 of the rural environment.


s four people.

Rosario, Emilio, Manuel and Mª Luisa.