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Campo Capela

Campo Capela

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O MOURO is a semi-cured soft cheese made with raw milk from our own cows. Its characteristicística más outstanding is the tuning of its hard and compact natural bark, completely edible, which is coated by an infusión of café and cinnamon that gives it a personality of its own without affecting the interior of the cheese, preserving its characteristicsísoft pasta and soft flavor with nuances of yogourt and cream. Each piece has a weight of approximately 450 g, with a maturationón mínima of 20 días.

In 2018 he won the gold medal at the World Cheese Awards, held in Norway.

They is recommended to be hot before consuming, for example if it is stored in the coldífico, take it out an hour before. To present it, it is recommended to cut into slices and then éstas in half, that is, that each porción always carry bark to better perceive all the nuances of flavor.

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