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Ruca Products
"Sabor, tradición y tecnología para la industria alimentaria y el hogar"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Elaboración de especias y condimentos


Productos Ruca is foundedó in the año 1948 in the city of Granada as a result of the association #243;n several members of the Martín Molina and Rubio Casero families.

In the first año the activity conducive to #243; a continuous change of facilities throughout the Capital of Granada, until in the añor 1983 it movedó its facilities to políindustrial gono “A”. In the año 1998 the #243; expandsándolas to exceed 7,000 m2.

From the end of the años 70 we are registered in the General Health Register with the númere 24,00102/GR and 31.00324/GR as a processing and importer of spices and seasonings and, as a manufacturer and importer of additives, respectively.


In its beginnings, our activity is #243 focused on the production of #243 seasonings prepared for #243 preservation of sausages that are made during the traditional “slaughter” doméstica of the pig.

With the technological improvement #243 of these recipes our activity was referred to the #243 manufacture of preparations for the industry cárnica.

The growing activity allows us to be#243; to be importers of spices


In the úwe have time the main developments have occurred in the #243 creation of mixtures of marinade and marinade, expanding our #243 gastronomic offer and facilitating the incorporation of kitchen ó #233;tnica and international to the companies of the restoration #243;

We hold quality as one of our core values, which have been part of the brand since its orígenes in 1948.

This commitment makes under the brand “RUCA” we only find 100% pure products, without any #250;n type adulterant. In the case of products such as “Sucedácinnamon neo”, it is expressly specified to avoid any type of confusionón and keep our promise with you.

Not only our spices present this commitment, in addition to these #225, all the #225;s products (condiments. additives, guts, auxiliaries, etc.) have the same levels of quality that have defined us to this day.

Test all of the above, is the trust placed in us, generated #243 after generation #243;n, in the long tradition #243 of “the slaughter” that today #250 in día is part of our culture as a base element


You can be sure that all your products made with RUCA, properly, beán a whole éxito, as always.


Currently, the Ruca Products team is one of its most valuable key points.#225

We are very grateful to have the presence of the 2º and 3º generation #243 of the most #225 workers; and not just in the case of "founding" families. This fact fills the team with pride, and shows the solidity of this, the result of the work of fathers, mothers, grandparents and grandmothers for más from 70 to ños.

The challenge of the current team, in él coexist más of 3 different generations, is the constant improvement of the espíritu of collaborationón and equipment, as well #237 as the constant superación to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

In any case, the Ruca Products team does not end up here and #237;. We appreciate the work of all our collaborators, customers and friends, who in their día día also #233;n help us and encourage us to move forward, forming an essential part of our “ team” and family.

Carlos R. Martín Ruano

"Servicio impecable"

El producto ha llegado perfectamente tanto en tiempo como en forma. Muy profesionales.

02 Aug, 2020
Angel Agis Torres

"Muy rápido excelente"

Muy rápido excelente

02 Oct, 2020