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Siliva Jewels
"Diseño en Joyería Artesanal Gallega"
Diseño en Joyería Artesanal Gallega


Siliva is a new creation company #243;n, although we take ños dedicated to designñ or jewelry, it is in 2017 that we started with illusión this new project. Our pasión is the #243 elaboration of design jewelry;#241; or in silver and gold, made in handmade jewelryí. Fresh and creative ideas made with noble materials and with pasión in every detail
from a corner mágico del Atlántico, in A Coruña.


At Siliva we believe that handmade jewelry distinguishes and defines us, reflects our  carácter and personality, that is why 100% of our pieces are #225;n made in a #160;craft way in our workshop. One of our commitments is to always work with natural materials, making piece by piece individually, always with the máxima dedicación and the greatest possible care. Our goal is to give each piece that special touch, with personalized jewelry, because creativity is the source of everything  that we do, and our #243 passion for designñ or leads us to create collections that inspire our customers and define their personal style. With our hand-made fire enamels, we want to provide our jewelry #241 with a carácter único, with current, elegant, fresh and natural design.


Our team is #225; made up of two people who take toñwe are dedicated to jewelería artisanal.

Rosario Arés Gastesi

"Perfecto, llegó antes de lo esperado"

Vendedor fiable.
El envío llego antes de lo esperado, con el inestimable apoyo de Correos

27 Apr, 2021
Julio Pérez López
02 May, 2022

¡Muchas gracias por tu valoración Julio! Nos alegra que tu experiencia con Joyas Siliva haya sido buena. ¡Esperamos verte pronto!