Yeidra Cosmética Ecológica BIO Pack: Mixed/Fat Skins

Yeidra Cosmética Ecológica

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Cosméecológico certified. Vegan,

Balance, Facial Cleanser, Lavender Hydrolate and White Clay.

The envío of this product is made in "gift" format with a present #243 equal to or very similar to that shown in the photographía.


- 1 Balancing Cream (50 ml.): 


Moisturizing cream suitable for all skin types given its balancing properties of the oily mantle of the skin. Such a balance is especially important in mixed and oily skin, so it is a very suitable product for such skin types.

Joy oil, like cáñamo, being oils not eatenénicos actúan as perfect balances of cutáneo sebum. That's why they're ideal for those who need #243 fat-free hydration.

The essential oils of árbol of té and lavandín also #233;n are very appropriate to treat problems of acné and other skin infections, penetrate deep into the dermis by oxygenating células and helping to regenerate #243;n of the skin.

The essential oils of limón and mandarin as well as #225;s of providing anti-#233;pticas and healing properties, give the product a mild cítrico.

94.90% ingredients of ecológica, máxima certificationón ecológica: BioInspecta, categoría I, EcoPlus badge. Suitable for vegans.

- 1 Facial Cleanser (125 ml.): 


Reeply cleanses all skin types, eliminates excess fat and provides fresh


The limón, lavender and aloe vera clean, disinfect and close pores.

The macadamia oil drags dirt and regulates the oily mantle of the skin,

Gently removes impurities and traces of makeup, while providing hydration #243;n and softness to the skin.

This is a cleansing suitable for all skin types and especially for oily skin, in which it is more #225;s important to regulate #243;n of the oily mantle. Widely used also #233 to clean and remove excess fat in acnéicas.

A gentle rhyme very pleasant to limón.

95.35% ingredients of ecológica, máxima certificationón ecológica: BioInspecta, categoría I, EcoPlus.   Vegan Support.

- 1 Mini Lavendar Hydrolate (50 ml.): 

For all skin types, especially indicated in mixed and oily skin for its balancing effect of cutáneo sebum and on skin aged or deteriorated by its regenerating effect.

Perfect as tónico soothing, purifying and antiséptico. Softens the skin. 

You can use it as a tónico after facial cleansing, after #233;s of the sun to soothe, such as capillary loción in cases of dandruff, etc.

100% ingredients of ecológica, máxima certificationón ecológica: BioInspecta, categoría I, ecoPlus distinctive. Suitable for vegans.

- 1 Free White Clay Show: 

Used in facial preparations for all skin types for its skin-like sebum regulatory properties #225;neo.

It has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin,

Changeén can be used at the body level with emplastos and even at the capillary level to nourish the raíz of the hair.

A white clay mask regenerates and softens the skin left #225;ndola much moreás smooth and soft immediately.

Clean, gently exfoliates, oxygenates, purifies and revitalizes the skin, dá giving it a soft and even appearance.

Not irradiated. Does not contain nanopartículas. Certified. Suitable for vegans.

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