Spa In Cosmetics Cold Gel Tired Legs - 1x200 ml

Spa In Cosmetics

Clovartiz (Spa In)

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The “Gel Frío Tired Legs” refreshes the skin by decreasing the #243 sensation of heaviness in the legs, activates the sanguíneo flow and soothes circulatory discomfort thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory #243 action of Harpagophyte.
• Recommended for tired, swollen and poorly circulated legs #243;n sanguínea or with retention #243 of líquidos.
• It is an ideal complement for anti-celluliteíticos treatments because thanks to the #243 activation of circulation #243;n sanguínea promotes the elimination #243;n of fats and stimulates cellular metabolism, for this reason, it is recommended to use it with the “Anti-Cellul Gelítico Heat Effect” “Spa in Cosmetics®”.
• Visible decrease in #243 venous capillaries and inflamed and bulging veins after #233;s of 15 días of daily use.
• Relaxes tired legs and fatigued areas.
• Reduces inflammation ón.
• Árnica and Harpagophyte stimulate and activate circulation #243;n sanguínea.
&8226; Menthol and Alcanfor produce fr&-237;o effect.

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