Spa In Cosmetics Anti-Cellulite Gel - 1x200 ml

Spa In Cosmetics

Clovartiz (Spa In)

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The “Gel Anti-Celulítico” actúa as a reducer and vasodilator, contributes to combat effective and ráask for cellulite located in specific areas #237;ficas such as thighs, glútheos and abdomen. Its seaweed-based fórmula accelerates the burningón and mobilization of #243 accumulated fats and rebellious cellulite, as well as #225 improving skin elasticity and texture. To incentivize the effect of “Gel Anti-celluliítico”, use the "Gel Frío Tired Legs" from “Spa in Cosmetics®”.
• Recommended for people with #243;n retention of líquids, fat and cellulite accumulated in specific areas#237;ficas.
• Anti-celluloón Actionítica: reduces the padded appearance of the skin thanks to the effect of Seaweed.
• Actionón anti-retention #243;n of Líquidos: Fucus extract has draining effect stimulating circulation #243;n and the elimination #243;n of toxins. Improves circulation by #243 eliminating adipocyte fat and prevents éstas from being stored thanks to Cafeína.
• Castaño de Indias improves circulation #243;n and inflammation #243;n.
• Toning action#243;n: Centella Asiática stimulates cabbage síntesis of cabbage#225;geno to improve skin appearance.
• Methyl Niconate increases local temperature by redness of the skin and activating the circulation #243;n sanguínea.

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