Spa In Cosmetics 100% Organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel - 1x200 ml

Spa In Cosmetics

Clovartiz (Spa In)

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Gel Aloe Vera Pure 100% Ecológico
Cultivated in the Plantación deTenerife, naturally contains vitamins, polysacáridos, aminoácidos and mineral salts that activate cabbageágeno and elastin of the skin acting as protector of the dermis
• Indicated for any alteración on the skin (surface burns of any kind, dry skin, irritation #243;n, flaking#243;n, mild or acute processes of psoriasis……….).
• Recommended for people receiving oncológico and can be used in the abdomen of pregnant women.
• It is recommended to use:
As regenerating, refreshing and soothing after #233;s of a mild burn (especially sunburn).
As a skin restructurer in cases of accentuated dryness, use it all the días under the "Body Moisturizer with Vitamin E" of “Spa in Cosmetics®”.
• Refreshing, soothing and moisturizing; gives nourishing and #243;n skin #243;n freshness.
• Healing, regenerating and restructuring; accelerates the process of #243;n and regeneration #243;n.
• Anti-oxidant actionón against the harmful effects of external agents (wind, frío, heat, etc.)
• Strengthens the skin against all kinds of aggressions (internal and external).

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