Acemelia BIO camellia oil - 10 ml



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The camellia oil is a natural ingredient with important benefits for the care of our face, body and hair.

  • It is a dry, #243-absorbing oil, very moisturizing and regenerating that smooths the skin and prevents the #243 formation of wrinkles.
  • Our camellia oil is extracted by pressing in frío, without procedures #237;mycos, to obtain virgin oil and maintain all the benefits of camellia seeds such as high concentrationón of áoleic acid, álinoleic acid and linolénico, squalene, catechins, vitamins such as A, B, D, E and minerals.
  • Based on nourished, healthy and beautiful skin
  • .
  • Manufacture in Galicia, España.
  • 100% natural máxima quality.


  • Insorción Immediate: ideal for the care of tired, dry, irritable and sensitive skin of the face, hands and body.
  • Hyratoción extreme and long lastingón: due to its composición penetrates ráask for in the más deep layers of the skin, hydraratándola for long periods.
  • Rejuvenates from the inside: prevents the formation of wrinkle #243s by inducing colá síntesis;geno type 1 and reduces the péloss of transepidérmica water.
  • Helps to restore the skin naturally: oil rich in essential oils and vitamins.
  • Help to remove acné and skin blemishes.

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