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"Acemelia ofrece una rutina de cuidado y belleza en el que el protagonista es el aceite de camelia"
Aceite de camelias 100% natural


Acemelia is an acrónimo of oil and camellia that clearly shows the love we have for this beauty oil. A wonderful oil used for centuries in Japan#243;n and which does not leave indifferent to the one who tries it.

The exuberant floración of the camellias in Galicia, inspiró Acemelia to bring to our días a traditionón millennial of Japón, the SAHO ritual. In this ritual plays an essential role the más bella plant of Galicia, responsible for illuminating and giving shine to our gardens in the harsh winter months just as its oil does on our skin.

In this simple but effective ancestral ritual, the use of Camellia Oil for cleansing, #243 moisturizes and #243 nutrition is the basis for healthy and glowing skin. It's a cult of this #233;ethics.


In Acemelia we manufacture, bottle and market our own camellia oil. The manufacture #243;n is made in our facilities in Pontevedra (España) from where we bottle and distribute to all our customers.

The process of extracting oil from camellia seeds is a slow and artisanal process. To extract a small #241;or bottle of camellia oil más of 300 seeds are used and it took about 10 días to go through all stages of manufacture #243;n to get a camellia oil of the máxima quality, óptimo for use cosmético and, of course, 100% natural. Acemelia only uses frío pressing systems to ensure that all camellia properties are transmitted to the oil.

Our manufacturing process #243;n is único, environmentally friendly and guarantees the #243 extraction of an oil from the máxima purity and quality, only possible thanks to our integral knowledge of the process, from the collection of seeds to its bottling. Our técnica has been perfected over the course of más of five years;#241;and has made Acemelia a benchmark in the manufacture #243;n of camellia oil worldwide.


4 people currently work in Acemelia.

De a small #241;or multidisciplinary team, made up of experts in business, commercial, #243;#8230; and with very diverse professional experiences, which helps to meet the challenges that we face all the #237;as.

15 Jan, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu valoración!

Correos Market 18 Mar, 2020
Alberto Jimenez


29 Feb, 2020
01 Mar, 2020


El pedido ha llegado impecable y muy bien embalado.

17 May, 2020
Miguel San Juan Rodriguez

"Sin Problemas"

22 May, 2020

"Todo bien"

El pedido ha llegado en perfectas condiciones, bien envuelto

25 May, 2020


El producto muy bueno, pero tardó una semana en llegar.

28 May, 2020
01 Jun, 2020

"La entrega ha sido muy rápida yen perfectas condiciones. El producto se absorbe muy rápidamente y tiene un aroma muy agradable."

07 Jun, 2020
María Begoña Núñez García
16 Jun, 2020
Celia Muriel Martin


Encargué un aceite de Camelia que me llegó rápidamente, bien presentado y protegido, y en un bote muy útil para su aplicación.

06 Jul, 2020
Beatriz Rubio Brito

"mejor imposible"

hice el pedido como alas 9 y media de la mañana el jueves y el viernes ya lo tenia en mis manos, llegó en perfecto estado. todo de diez.

31 Oct, 2020
Geovana Gutiérrez
07 Nov, 2020
G. David Arranz Sanz


La piel lo absorbe muy bien, sorprende al ser un aceite

27 Dec, 2020
Yessica Alas alas
03 Jan, 2021
Noelia Mateo Jiménez

"Buen servicio"

Muy buen servicio,rapidez y embalaje perfecto

16 Jan, 2021
Yolanda Vázquez Iglesias

"Muy bueno"

22 Jan, 2021
15 Apr, 2021