Acemelia Solid Camellia Oil Shampoo 70g



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CHAMPÚ SÓLIDO CAMELIA OIL takes advantage of camellia oil for hair and combines it with other beneficial hair oils such as castor and black cumin and essential oils such as lavender, cedar rosemary and citronella.

It is a champagne ú that can be used by all hair types and that takes care of the health of the scalp. The result is clean, shiny, bulky hair and a hydrated scalp, which breathes, without itching or itching #243;n. In this way we get clean and healthy hair for more #225;s time.

In champagneú sólido everything is active substance, so it lasts a long time más, at least twice as long as champú líquido normal, takes up little space, and reduces the ecológica footprint as we do not use plásticos but a can of recyclable aluminum. We also remove #233 ingredients that do not benefit hair such as perfumes, dyes, silicones or PEGs.
Quantity: 70g in recyclable aluminum can

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