Spa In Cosmetics Aloe Vera Gel - 1x200 ml

Spa In Cosmetics

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Aloe Vera” gel grown in La Plantación Ecológica de Tenerife
Con Camomila, Caléndula and Hamamelis naturally contains vitamins, polysacáridos, aminoácidos and mineral salts that activate the colágeno and elastin of the skin acting as protector of the dermis. Its fresh aroma of Camomila makes its use more than #225;s pleasant at any time of the día.
• Indicated for any alteración on the skin, (burns, dry skin, irritationón, flakingón, mild or acute processes of psoriasis, eczema, herpes……) etc.
• Eliminates irritations of pañal of the ass of babies#233;s.
• Recommended for people receiving oncológico, can be used in the abdomen of pregnant women • Highly recommended for after #233;shaving of hair removal #243;n with wax or with láser. Thanks to the effects of Hamamelis, this is also #225 recommended #233;n for skins with acné and in irritations of the ass of the bebés.
• It is recommended to use:
As a regenerating, refreshing and soothing after #233;s of a mild burn (especially sunburn).
As a skin restructurer in cases of accentuated dryness, use it all the días under the "Body Moisturizer with Vitamin E" of “Spa in Cosmetics®”.
As a soothing agent for extremely sensitive skin or acnéicas use as sérum before “Spa in Cosmetics®”.
• Camomile and Caléndula give you an extra in the #243 soothing, purifying and moisturizing action by relieving any #243;n irritation caused to the skin.

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