Spa In Cosmetics Body Moisturizer - 1x200 ml

Spa In Cosmetics

Clovartiz (Spa In)

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Hialurónico acid containing “Body Moisturizer” gives an intense hydration effect with #243 a light texture and ráask for absorption #243;n, Thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera Ecológico nourishes and regenerates the skin eliminating any sensations #243;n or appearance of dryness keeping the skin smooth, healthy and protected throughout the día, combating, in turn, the negative effects climatológicos.
• Está recommended for all skin types with lack of hydration #243;n or as maintenance of natural hydration #243;n of the skin.
• Recommended for people receiving oncológico and can be used in the abdomen of pregnant women
• Nutrición and hydrationón intense provided by Ácido Hialurónico.
• Light and pleasant texture.
• Anti-oxidant thanks to Vitamin E.
• Caviar Extract, Avocado, Glycerin, Vitamins, Minerals and Proteínas repair and condition the skin dejándola with a soft, young and healthy appearance.
• Vitamin group A and B protect the skin from external environmental agents.
• Contains Calcium , Magnesium and Fósforo.

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