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Clovartiz (Spa In)
Elaboración propia de Cosméticos de alto contenido en Aloe Vera


Clotilde Ortiz, Director of Spa graduated in estética, después de más of 25 años of intensive work and #243 professional training in the Spas industry, does a research study #243;n on skin needs in different countries #237;ses, España, England and Uruguay, creating in 2003 their own Gestión company, Exploitation ón and Spa Advice in Gran Canaria, together with Sebastián Matías Varela, Técnico Superior en Administración and Dirección de Hoteles, to offer Knowledge, Experience, Quality and Exclusivity of Service to its Clients.

Pués of a long way introducing Aloe Vera in cabin treatments, discoveró the excellent regenerative powers of Aloe Vera.

The idea of Spa in Cosmetics was born in 2011 with the intention of #243 helping our customers take care of their skin from the inside out, protecting, hydrating and regenerating the skin.

Thans to the active ingredients of “Spa in Cosmetics®” excellent results are achieved in a período time más short of the usual.

Thanging my family, my clients and colleagues #241 for the support and help they have offered me during all these years #241 in my professional career, without them this achievement will not be #237 possible.


Spa in Cosmetics® is a cosmética brand created by Consulting Spa. Its creators, Clotilde Ortiz and Sebastián Varela, both with más of 30 años experience in the advice and gestión of Spas, decided to cover the needs of their customers in terms of deep skin care with the línea “Aloe Vera Collection”.

Our products are Cosméticos high content in Aloe Vera, the GOLD of the Canarian land, made #243;n own using the Aloe of the plantation #243;n ecológica de Tenerife.

A wide range of cosméticos to treat skin in depth with excellent regeneration results #243;n of the epidermis, all have been tested scientificallyíficamente.

The Aloe Vera is cellular regenerator, healing, toner and also #233;n has balsámicos.


A team of 2 people in front of #243;n and 18 vendors who are responsible for explaining and recommending professionally depending on the needs of each client.

The address #243;n isá formed by Clotilde Ortiz and Sebastián Varela.