Spa In Cosmetics Anti-Aging Facial Cream 1x50 ml

Spa In Cosmetics

Clovartiz (Spa In)

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The “Anti-Aging Facial Cream” is an intensive, moisturizing and anti-oxidant firming. Repair and smooth little #241;as líneas de expresión and visibly fill líneas marked by age. Thanks to “Resveratrol”, Vitamin E maintains 100% of its qualities throughout the skin's #243;n regeneration process.
• Face, neck and neck cream.
• Indicated for mature, flácidal or aged skin by external climatológicos.
• Recommended for people receiving oncológico
• #243 Regenerating and nourishing action: Resveratrol helps the production of elastin #243 and colágeno stimulating skin células, this ingredient is antioxidant and prevents the spread of stains #243 by attenuating existing ones.
• Restorative Acción: Avocado Oil is high in áfatty cidos and vitamins with which it deeply nourishes the skin.<>;fatty cidos and vitamins with which it deeply nourishes the skin.>>br />• HialurÁ #243;nico acid raises the ability to retain water while keeping skin hydrated.
• Provides protectionón U.V. SPF 15.

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