Moringa Spain Moringa powder jar 100% eco - 100 g

Moringa Spain

Moringa Spain

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Polvo 100 % Leaves of Moringa Oleifera Ecológica, dehydrated by hand in drying dryers totally in shade getting a high quality product.

Our Moringa contains between 32% and 35% pure vegetable proteína and ecológica.

Any 90 #225 nutrients including 46 antioxidants and almost all aminoáessential cidos also contain:#233

  • Vitamin E to help keep your skin healthy,
  • Treonin helpá not to accumulate fat in hígado.
  • Minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Copper and Magnesium and for athlete helps replenish electrolytes lost in exertion.

Moringa Oleifera powder,

  • Retch 100 g.
  • Ecológica.

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