Miel Colmenares de Vendejo Forest Honey - Colmenares de Vendejo - Honey from Liebana, Cantabria, Spain

Miel Colmenares de Vendejo

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Sain 1/2 kg honey from Vendejo Hives forest, pure honey of bees harvested in  Liébana, Cantabria.

Vendejo Hives Forest Honey Isá Protected by Denominación of Honey Origin of Liébana, to help artisan producers in the Liébana, Cantabria.

The honey that produces Svanjo's shoulders is forest honey, with a strong component of  tila, heather  and, above all, even and holm oak honey.

It is a strong honey of flavor, very aromatic, #225 with a high content of pollen and propóleos, an effective natural antibiótico. For its properties, our honey is #225; especially indicated in cases of anemia and deprived states.

Dónde is harvested: Liébana, Cantabria

Colmenares de Vendejo emergedó más of #241 half a century ago in the small town of Vendejo, in the region cántabra de La Liébana, about 15 kmómeters from Potes. Today, our hives are #225 spread throughout Liébana, from the foothills of the Cantábrica Range, to the Sierra de Peña Sagra and the Sca National Peak Park.

The forests in which our bees work are #225;n covered with encins, oaks, them, cork oaks, beech and many fruit trees. In the areas #225;s high, the alpine vegetation #243;n is #225; dominated by heather.

¿Cómo Liébana honey is made?

Our bees have a short working season: April at the end of September, In this month honey is collected in a única harvest and the colonies are allowed to rest,

Honey is carried to the workman, where it is extracted by medical and #225;nicos procedures and filtered by decantación. It directly passes into the maturation #243;n, where it is stored until it is packaged


The packed is pneumatic#225;tico, so we make sure that honey arrives strictly pure from the honeycomb to the container.

pack 1 kilogram of honey

The 1 kilogram (1 kg) honey jar is a very interesting format, ideal for large honey consumers. It is offered in wide-mouthed low-rise glass strip, making it easy to extract #243;n of honey.


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