la casa de las setas Olive oil with estany black truffle

la casa de las setas

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250 ml bottle with extra virgin olive oil flavored with black truffle,

They bring you this Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with black truffle. The mixture of truffle and oil is becoming #225 a popular condiment that adds the flavor of truffles to your recipes. You can include it with pasta, fish dishes, cheese sauces and everything you can think of.

The range of infused extra virgin olive oils is #225; made following traditional #243 macerative #225 systems and exclusively using dehydrated natural ingredients. These combinations are macerated for a month before being packaged, to intensify their strength, aroma and flavor.

See in a refined glass container of 250 ml. With a refined designedño very práctico to have it on hand in our kitchen.

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