El Paeller Kit Lover + Enamelled Paellera

El Paeller

El Paeller

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Sóthere is something better than a paella, two paellas. In addition#225;s the ritual of paella is always shared so there are no paellas for a single person


With these kits podrás prepárate to cook it with one of the best paellas on the market, the Enamelled Black Leg of Garcima with a diámetro top of 34 cm (2 servings).

The Garcima Pata Negra paellas are thicker, offer greater heat resistance and are suitable for gas, vitrocerámica, inducción and leña.

The enamelled paella is polished iron with a cerámico enamel that prevents oxidation #243;n of paella and requires no maintenance.

Includes cover for paella.

You can choose from:

Kit by Paella Valenciana

Aquí you have the universal más paella in its traditional versión.

The pack contains the vegetables, meat, rice and broth of a Valencian paella.

Arroz Senyoret

This is the seafood paella par excellence.

EL pack contains the seafood and broth of a Senyoret.

Apeo of Vegetables.

The first paella packaged 100% vegan.

The pack contains vegetables, vegetables and the broth of a Vegetable Paella.

* Each kit, además of the paella, includes the ingredients needed to make two paellas for 2 people.

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