Botularium Pickled quail thighs Botularium (390g)



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Coil meat is very rich in proteinínas and prátypically does not contain any fat, which makes it a very healthy food and provides little heatías. In addition#225;s, it is a delicious meat and allows us to serve it both fría and hot.

The Pickled Quail Thighs Botularium can be accompaniedñar of baked peppers, with a plate of legumes or by enriching a salad of fresh leaves. The options are endless and delicious.



  • redients: Quail thighs (50%) , water, sunflower oil, balsa #225 vinegar; monkey, garlic, bay leaf, pepper, salt, xanthan gum and aromatic herbs#225;ethics
  • Al #233&<0>;rgens: contains no

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