"Artesanos del sabor"
Embutidos selectos de carne de caza


Our origin dates back to 1991, with the #243 production of selected game sausages.

Inspired by the know-how of the wise craftsmen, we wanted to go back to the traditional forms of healing #243;n. In the Roman Empire, Botularium was the name of the place where the sausages were made. For this reason#243;n, together with the artisan of the vat, is the #241;a identity of the brand.

We continue to evolve and start brewing beers, creams, soups, sauces… always with the same philosophyía: quality ingredients and traditional recipes.

In Botularium we are… Craftsmen of flavor.


In Botularium, our missionón is to make a difference with exclusive products, made in a traditional way, intended for lovers of gourmet cuisine to inspire moments full of flavor.

From always, our vision #243;n has been to work with enthusiasm to continuously improve and dare to be different, through #233 a varied offer of products that meet the desires and needs of the consumer.

At Botularium we want... ¡:Offer you the best of the best!


We are a team with a lot of experience in the world of #243;n, always producing high quality products.

19 May, 2020

"Fácil y agradable por la variedad de productos"


20 May, 2020
Vicente Fernandez Lopez
13 Jun, 2020
Manuel De Burgos Díaz

"Entrega en 1 semana: excesivo tiempo"


03 Sep, 2020