Botularium Snails in Botularium sauce (390g)



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Chnails in Botularium sauce are already #225;n cooked and só it is necessary to heat them to the bañor seaía or microwave and serve them. They are made with tomato, onion, red pepper, garlic, spices and aromatic herbs;#225 ticas, which give it their characteristicístico flavor.

The meat of the snail, apart from being delicious, #233 also has a high percentage in proteinínas and a low percentage of fat. In addition#225;s, provides calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins C and B.

Is ideal as a first course or as a tapa, to share. It can be served with #241;bread to dip in the sauce.



  • redientes: Snails (40%), tomato, water, onion, sunflower oil, red pepper, salt, azúcar, garlic, spices and aromatic herb #225s
  • Alé:rgens: contains molluscs and their derivatives

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