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Castejón Wines

This merchant belongs to the association PON ARAGÓN EN TU MESA.
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Elaboración de Vinos


VINOS CASTEJÓN, S.L. is a commercial company, created in February 2016 and constituted by three partners: Elena Soria, neighbor of the town since 2013; Alberto Sancho, partner in turn of 'Escabechados Corral del Tío Nicasio'; and Santiago Sancho, owner of the venue, currently retired. Its winery is part of a large más, known as 'Corral del Tío Nicasio', where also #233;n is located the headquarters of 'Escabechados Corral del Tío Nicasio'. Its MISIÓN is to value the traditional wine of Castejón de Valdejasa by recovering #243 from viñedos of the town and maintaining the “ways of making” traditional of it. VINOS CASTEJÓN, S.L. covers all the processes necessary for its purposes, from field work to marketing #243;n.

We have managed to create our own wine cellar from the recovery #243;n and value plots of viñedo in Castejó We produce red and claret wines based on the GRENA TINTA grape variety (between 75 and 85%) and other varieties such as WHITE GRENACHE, ARCO MIGUEL, TEMPRANILLO and some MUSCAT (25-15%). The products of our winery are profiled as highly valued by customers who define the quality based on the naturalness of the product and its contribution #243;n to the natural, social and environmental balance of our community. Our production #243;n is based on a local #243;n that is at risk of being lost and, our goal is to contribute to the #243 recovery of productive activities in localities at risk of depopulationón. Además, we believe in the collaboration #243;n with other entrepreneurs in our territory and, therefore, we draw alliances with the jóvenes owners of “Pickles Tíor Nicasio” coming to consolidate a brand común; “Tíor Nicasio” The work in the traditional style in the field and cellar, in which the phases of the moon command, the planting frames #243;n or the orientation #243;n of the vines in glass, together with a margo-clay soil, an unheated winery that does not allow the standardization of #243;n of the winery processes or the NO adición of sulphites, make our wines an ideal product for that consumer who appreciates the difference between campañas and authenticity.


This business begins by leasing particular self-consumption plots so that the start-up trend is slowed by the inability of its owners to continue to take care of their #241; edos. The lack of generational replacement is manifested in the péloss of 80% of the viñedo in the úwe 30 años. The location #243;n of all the plots in the El PLANO Site is not arbitrary but a consequence of its location #243 in a space in which the climatológicas, edáficas and proximity to the locality determine the characteristics #237 of the product. If the initial objective of the winery is to stop the start-up, in the long term we do not reject the reconversión of plots lost towards this activity. We are an independent warehouse, that is, we do not belong to any DO or IGP.


Acurrently work in this project two partners: Alberto Sancho with dedication #243;n más specífica a campo and Elena Soria in the winery and gestión of the company; however, mutual support in the tasks is essential in a locality where there is no #243;#243;n recruitment option.